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leehina's Journal

Lee x Hinata
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Welcome to the one and only community for the pairing of Rock Lee and Hyuuga Hinata from the anime and manga Naruto by Kishimoto Masashi. Why is it the one and only community for this amazing pairing? Because these two characters have never met, and the idea of them together romantically is pure crack. We don't care. Here, we love LeeHina no matter what, and we welcome anything related to them: graphics of all kinds, links, fanart, fanfiction, recommendations, general chatter, whatever. So long as it's about these two, it's good.

1. Play nice with each other. Politeness is a good thing.
2. Use LJ-cuts when your post contains large graphics, spoilers, or adult content, and make sure to indicate this before the cut.
3. Try to stay on topic. This is about Lee and Hinata; there are other communities for other pairings and characters.
4. If posting fanart or fanfiction that's not yours, clearly indicate whose it is and link to the original source. This shouldn't be much of a problem here, since it's not like there's many LeeHina fanworks out there. But hey, we aim to change that.
5. Your mods are fans of Lee/Tenten, Naruto/Hinata, and Genma/Lizard as well as Lee/Hinata. We don't want to see people bashing other pairings here.
6. We are not, however, fans of the ever-popular Sasuke/death pairing. Don't bash other characters, either.

Lee x Hinata is the cutest love.

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