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Essential LeeHina Fics? - Lee x Hinata [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Essential LeeHina Fics? [Feb. 12th, 2008|01:27 am]
Lee x Hinata


I've seen "essential recs" lists in other fandoms, and thought it might be fun/interesting/something to do when I'm not doing what I'm supposed to be doing. So, I put some names into a hat; as Hinata's is the name I drew, I'm going to do her list first.

It occurred to me, however, that if I complied such a list myself, it would not only be more of a specialized favorites list than anything, it would be woefully incomplete. So, I turn to my fellow LeeHina fans with the question: What LeeHina fics, or even Lee/Hina friendship fics, absolutely must be read?

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From: (Anonymous)
2008-11-10 09:12 pm (UTC)


Oh oh oh! I know a super good LeeHina fan fic someone is working on! ^^ They so far have 3 chapters! SO ADORABLE TOO!! :D Here's the links!!!

Chapter one http://buggyfan2011.deviantart.com/art/BlackIvory-ChapterOne-Medicine-102606632

Chapter two http://buggyfan2011.deviantart.com/art/BlackIvory-ChapTwo-OurLoves-102607049

Chapter three http://buggyfan2011.deviantart.com/art/BlackIvory-ChapterThree-Savior-102875194

and they're still working on more!! ^^
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