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Wake UP! [Jul. 11th, 2007|11:41 am]
Lee x Hinata


Man, it feels so dead over here... So I'm going to liven it up.

Title: Green Beast, White Lady
Fandom: Naruto
Characters:Lee, Hinata
Notes: Well, until I'm approved for posting at 30_friends I'm posting else where. Takes place after Rainy Day in Konoha. It's only a one shot and it kinda sets the stage for their interaction in this piece.

#14: Fair weather friend, rainy day friend

It was hot. Freakishly hot. However, Lee felt it would betray his sense of youthful vigor if he did not go out and train anyway. There he was, beating his training dummy to a pulp (just like he would some day beat Neji). Sweat poured and muscles ached; but this was still just another day in the life of Rock Lee. Training for hours and until it hurt was just part of life.

He vaguely wondered if she had to train as hard. Hinata, had initiated a proposal of friendship the other day after he had walked her home in the rain. Hinata may have to train, but she still had the byakugan on her side she had an advantage he didn’t. Perhaps she trained a lot, but not like him.

At last, his body called it quits and he all but collapsed to the ground. This exhaustion was well earned; he had achieved his goal for the day. Three thousand laps, five thousand push ups, four thousand sit ups, and taijutsu training for three hours. He had to keep his endurance up. The rest was welcome…he only wished he had enough strength left to reach his thermos of water (which he had thoughtlessly left on a bench some distance away), or at least that the sun wouldn’t beat down on his back so hard.

“Lee?” a voice called. “Are you all right?”

Shade seemed to appear out of no where and Lee turned over as best he could to face the person who addressed him. Hinata stood over him with a parasol, her clothes dripping wet.

“I’m fine,” he insisted despite her confused look. “Could you get my water from over there, please?”

Hinata nodded slowly and went to get it for him. She returned and handed it to him and he drank gratefully. She sat down next to him so that the shade from her parasol also spread over his torso.

“Why are you all wet?” Lee asked. Hinata smiled thoughtfully.

“I-I w-was training by a waterfall. N-Neji says that near a waterfall is cooler and allows me to use my byakugan longer. I-I needed to prolong my training as long as possible before my headaches get too much for me to bear,” she explained.

“That’s right. Hyuuga and their summer headaches…” Lee commented.

“I-I need to get used to the pain. What if I was on a mission in the desert, and I couldn’t get relief? I-I couldn’t let my team mates down…” Hinata continued. “You understand why I train until it hurts…right?”

Lee almost felt like laughing. Of course he did! He nodded and closed his eyes.

“Well, thank you for the shade,” the taijutsu specialist told her. She nodded and smiled slightly.

“I’ll stay until you’re ready to leave, and we can walk back to town together,” Hinata told him.

“You really are too kind. It seems you’re my friend for fair weather,” he said.

“And you are my friend for a rainy day,” she added. It was quite some time before they headed home, but Lee was now convinced that he had not made a mistake in accepting Hinata’s offer of friendship.

I really want to finish all thirty themes. Wish me well.

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[User Picture]From: alc_fluteo
2007-07-12 07:31 pm (UTC)
Oh I hope that you finish all 30 of the themes because I really like this pairing and it doesn't get much love which is sad.
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